What is ZillyWin?

ZillyWin is a fun, simple app for anyone using raffle tickets at an event. The event host types in the winning ticket number, and the winner is notified on his or her mobile phone!

The event host can generate excitement for the event via an exclusive code that ticket holders use to enter the raffle. The easy, fun app means more ticket sales.

Ticket holders download the free ZillyWin app and never have to worry about searching for their winning ticket. They can purchase any number of raffle tickets, and just enjoy the fundraising event with friends.

How it works

Everybody wins

Fundraising Benefits

ZillyWin is an innovative, efficient system that streamlines the raffle draw process while increasing audience participation and ticket sales.

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Guest Benefits

With the free ZillyWin app, guests can enjoy their time at raffle events without sorting through their purchased raffle tickets to see if they’ve won.

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Charity Benefits

Charities receive massive exposure through the fundraiser’s customer base, expanding awareness of their organization and increasing financial support.

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The event host types in the name, address, and start time of the fundraising event. Ticket holders will see this information on their cell phones, along with your name/company, address, e-mail, and phone number.

Ticket holders receive an event code, which syncs them to the event.

At the event, a winning ticket number is drawn for each prize. The event host announces the number to the audience and presses “SEND.”

All ticket holders with an event code automatically receive the winning number on their cell phones.

The ZillyWin app instantly scans their phones for a matching number. No fumbling through paper tickets!

When the app finds a winning ticket, that phone will ring or vibrate. The winner shows their phone to the event host to collect their prize.

When the event host clicks the “NEXT” button on the app, the winning number is stored, and the screen is ready for another ticket draw.

AT THE end of your event

The event host can store all the winning numbers by simply clicking “Save to my e-mail.” The ZillyWin app will automatically send the winning ticket numbers to the event host’s e-mail address.

The event host has the option of deleting events from the app.



The ticket holder enters the event code received in advance from the event host.

The ticket holder enters only their first and last ticket numbers. No matter how many raffles the ticker holder has purchased, the app will auto fill the rest of the numbers.

The app will notify winners with a ringtone or vibration on their phone. Winning numbers will also appear in large numbers on their screen.

Click “NEXT” to save the last winning number and clear the screen to type in the next winning number.

Ticket holders have the option of deleting all winning numbers.

The app has a fun “Almost a Winner!” feature if the ticket holder is within 3 numbers of the winning raffle.



Because of the ease of the ZillyWin app, guests can buy infinite numbers of raffle tickets. Without the hassle of fumbling through paper tickets, guests are more likely to purchase additional tickets, which means a more fun and sociable event … and more revenue for your charity. How great is that?


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Zillywin Today!

Get the app for free as a ticket holder or pay a nominal fee to use the app at your next fundraiser.


Yes, you can download and use Zillywin Apple and Android App for free to manage your raffle tickets.

Yes, ZillyWin offer free one time 3-month trial to event organiser providing access to all features.


Android App Coming Soon

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