ZillyWin has the answer to any questions you might have about this new, easier, hassle free way to raffle! Check out these Frequently Asked Questions for both event organizers and guests, to learn more about how ZillyWin works. ZillyWin really is “the better way to raffle!”


To reset your password if you’re logged in: follow these steps
• From the Menu, select “Sign Out”
Once signed out, follow the same steps as those outlined below.
To reset your password if you’re not logged in: follow these steps
• Enter the email address for your account and tap SEND RESET CODE
• Open your email and copy the reset code you receive from ZillyWin
• Enter reset code in the ZillyWin app and tap CHANGE MY PASSWORD
• Enter your new password

Yes, we recommend keeping your hard copy. Many Event Coordinators may prefer showing your ticket as the best way to verify that you are the legitimate ticket holder AND therefore, the winner of the draw.

It will be the responsibility of the Event Coordinator of the event you are attending to determine whether they award a prize. Event Coordinators may choose to award a prize without seeing a hard copy ticket; if so, this will be at their sole discretion.

You can add extra tickets purchased at any time prior to the draw. You would do so in the same way you added your first ticket or set of tickets. See Questions # 3 & 4.

Yes, if you have joined the event on ZillyWin, you will receive a notification if one of your raffle tickets is a winning ticket.
It is important to follow the rules set by event coordinator for claiming any prize. It is at the sole discretion of Event Coordinators how they determine prize distribution. Be sure you are familiar with the terms of the raffle and any time limits set. If you leave an event, please be sure to collect your prize according to their schedule.

No. You will need to use a different email address for each account.

We dress each query in order they come in and respond back by email.


The ZillyWin account is completely FREE to event attendees. Simply download the FREE App on your iPhone or Android device, follow our simple instructions and start participating! You only need to download our App once. If you attend multiple events each year, and where the ZillyWin App is used, you’ll be ready to play! Each event will have its own unique event code and all you’ll have to do is type in the code provided by the event coordinator.

Once you have created your free account with ZillyWin, you register for an event by using its event code as provided by the Event Coordinator. ZillyWin will automatically send you notifications about the event.
To register with an event after you have received event code:

  • • Tap the + Register button in the top right corner of the My Events page
  • • Enter the Event Code and tap the Join button

To enter your raffle ticket(s), follow these simple steps:

  • • On the My Events page (the home page), under the event you are participating in, tap Enter Raffle Ticket#
  • • If you have purchased one raffle ticket, enter your single raffle ticket number in the “first ticket” input field
  • • If you have purchased a series of raffle tickets, type the first ticket number from your purchase into the “first ticket” field followed by entering your last ticket number purchased into the “last ticket” field.
  • • Tap Enter Raffle Ticket button
When you have entered the first and last ticket numbers you purchased, all remaining tickets in between will automatically be added to the ZillyWin App and automatically tracked for you!

*YES! Please note however, that using this feature will require you to allow Camera access to the ZillyWin App.
If your raffle tickets have a barcode, you can use the Camera feature on your iPhone or Android device and simply enter your ticket number(s) by scanning the barcodes. Save time and avoid mistakes! To scan the barcode on your raffle tickets follow these simple steps:

  • • On the My Events page (the home page), under the event you are participating in, tap Enter Raffle Ticket#
  • • If you have purchased a single raffle ticket, tap the barcode scan button on the left side of first ticket input box
  • • Hold the camera so that the barcode is clearly visible inside the square box on your phone screen
  • • ZillyWin will recognize the code, and add your ticket to the draw
  • • If you have purchased a series or a roll of raffle tickets, scan the first ticket number in the roll and then tap on barcode scan button to the right of the last ticket box to scan your last ticket number. The app will automatically add all other ticket numbers purchased.
  • • Tap the Enter Raffle Ticket button

  • • Have you purchased tickets?
  • • Have you entered them in the app?
  • • If you answered, “Yes” to both questions here’s how to track them:
To view all your raffle tickets for an ongoing event, follow these steps:
  • • On the My Events page (the home page), under the event you are participating in, tap Enter Raffle Ticket#
  • • At the bottom, you will see all tickets purchased and entered in the draw. If any of these are a winning ticket, you will receive an automatic notification.
  • • If you have entered a series of raffle tickets, tap on the accordion icon to view all tickets in that series.


Hosting a major charitable event? Choosing to register with ZillyWin will help maximize your fundraising potential. We make it simple, fast and convenient for guests to purchase raffle tickets and we make it easy for you, as an Event Coordinator, to help cover some of your expenses when it comes to organizing these types of functions. With ZillyWin, you can start promoting your event before it even happens, utilizing the ZillyWin app as an added promotional tool. As an added bonus, you’re able to display your event sponsor’s logo on the event page, offering guaranteed exposure where every guest will see it. Monetize this feature and you have the potential to cover the cost of your ZillyWin subscription! These are just a few of the features that will help you to promote your event and maximize ticket sales.

To register yourself as an event coordinator, follow these simple steps:

  • • From the login screen, tap the Register as Event Coordinator button
  • • Fill out the registration form and tap Register
  • • You will be logged in to the ZillyWin subscription page
  • • To start your one time free three (3) month trial, tap the Subscribe button
  • • Follow the on-screen instructions
    Please note the following terms:
  • • You will be required to set up payment information on your Google Play or App Store account.
  • • The ZillyWin subscription fee will be deducted automatically from your account after the end of the free trial.
  • • Our free trial is a one-time offer and cannot be extended or renewed.

You can cancel your subscription via the Google Play store or the App Store at any time before your free trial ends if you do not wish to pay for the service.

Please find below instructions on how to cancel in-app purchase monthly subscriptions for iOS and Android:

  • 1. Go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store.
  • 2. Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
  • 3. Tap View Apple ID. You might need to sign in or use Touch ID.
  • 4. Tap Subscriptions.
  • 5. Tap the subscription that you want to manage.
  • 6. Then hit "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom.

  • 1. Open the Google Play Store.
  • 2. Tap Menu > Account > Subscriptions.
  • 3. Find the subscription you want to cancel.
  • 4. Tap "Cancel".

The free three (3) month trial includes all the same features available in ZillyWin’s paid app

There are no limits to the number of events you can host. As an event coordinator or charitable organization, you can host unlimited events with your ZillyWin subscription. Each event you host will have an event code assigned to it and is managed individually.

An Event Code is a unique identifier for any event on the ZillyWin platform. The Event Code allows your guests to connect to your event using their FREE ZillyWin app and will allow you to send notifications and updates about your event, keeping it top of mind before, during and after you host it!
To setup your Event Code, follow these steps:

  • • Tap the + Register button on the top right corner on the My Events Page (Home Page)
  • • Type a unique Event Code of your choosing in the event code input field.
  • • Fill out the register form and tap Register

Your guests simply enter your Event Code into their Free ZillyWin app.

We suggest promoting your Event Code as soon as possible so that your guests get connected to your event and help spread the word by telling their friends. Maximize your event’s potential by sending updates and connecting with your guests before they even arrive!

No, any raffle tickets can be used.

Notify draw winners instantly. When you begin your event draw, use the ZillyWin app to instantly notify winners by following these steps:

  • • Tap the Start Draw button from the My Events page
  • • Type or scan the winning raffle ticket number and tap Notify

We recommend requesting the hard copy of a winning ticket as the best way to verify that a guest is in fact the legitimate draw winner. While we advise that you ask for the hard copy ticket, whether you award the prize without seeing a ticket is at your sole discretion.

You can send up to 50,000 emails at one time using our “Mass Email” feature on the ZillyWin mobile app.
To send email to all the participants following your event, follow these steps:
From Menu, select Broadcast
Select the Event Code appropriate to the event you are emailing guests about.
Enter the Subject of the email and type desired content
To start sending emails, tap the Broadcast button

Up to 50,000 with the simple tap of a button!

Yes they will, unless they mute you for “pestering” them with too many unnecessary emails. Mass emails are best used strategically.

This is one of the best features of the ZillyWin Ap. Easily inform past guests about all your upcoming events using “Broadcast” – our mass emailing feature. Follow these steps:
From Menu, select Broadcast
Select the Event Code of your past event and after you draft your content, simply tap the broadcast button and your email is sent!

You may decide to use the sponsor section of the ZillyWin App to highlight businesses or people associated with your raffle in order to show your appreciation for their support. You might also choose to monetize this feature by selling this as advertising space.
After you have registered your event, follow these steps:
Select an event from the list on the My Events page to which you want to add a sponsor image
Tap the edit button in the top right corner
On the edit page, tap Upload Sponsor Image
You can take a picture using your mobile device camera or pick an image from your phone gallery
Tap Save

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